Heating, measuring, detecting,…
With FILACON wire placement technology, flexible wires are sewn onto a soft, textile or foil like substrate. The wires can have a diameter of up to 15 mm. The environmentally friendly (adhesive- and solvent-free), highly automated technology has been used in many areas since 1998.

Fields of application:

  • Heated seats, steering wheels and other surfaces in automobiles.
  • Heated clothing for adverse working conditions, e.g. on wind turbines, for diving operations, etc.
  • Electrical conductors in medical textiles: Monitoring of central body functions such as heartbeat and body temperature.
  • Outdoor clothing with electrical functions
  • High-performance sports: EMS muscle stimulation, goal recognition in soccer, timekeeping systems
  • Heating systems in buildings, e.g. infrared heating or floor heating systems but also sensor systems for humidity in walls
  • Power supply of lighting systems, e.g. interior lighting of textiles (curtains equipped with LEDs)
  • Military applications, e.g. splinter protection
  • Seat heating element