FILACON SYSTEMS a brand of TAJIMA GmbH Germany

FILACON special machines enable precise continuous fixation of fibers, wires, tubes and rovings in 0°-359° direction:

  • Tailored Fiber Placement (TFP)
  • Tailored Wire Placement (TWP)
  • Tailored Tube Placement (TTP)

The material is fixed with needle and thread in a special technical embroidery process.

WIRE placement

for many types of innovative products in a wide range of industries like aerospace, automotive, electrical engineering, medical technology…

Smartmachine – ECM

With Filacon special placement equipment, special LEDs and/or other electronic compnents can be fixed to the fabric and directly contacted to wires through silver-coated filaments

Edopath Software

The EDOpath and WIREpath softwares are powerful tools to convert DXF files automatically into stitch files