Fast, automated, accurate fixation of all kind of rovings

Our machines lay a wide variety of fibers and rovings. Primarily carbon fiber, glass fiber, aramid fiber, basalt fiber, natural fiber, but also thermoplastic rovings and hybridized fiber bundles are processed by our customers. The fiber is fed in front of the sewing head and firmly fixed to the backing material with needle and thread. Multi-head machines make TFP technology productive, and our machines can be equipped with up to 20 sewing heads per machine.
During pattern creation, the composites engineer draws lines in the CAD software he is familiar with. These lines can be converted into readable machine data by our specially developed EDOpath/WIREpath software.

The base material, can be textile or film-like in character, and is held in a stenter frame. This is moved in the process in x and y direction, thereby creating the component. The resulting preform can then be cured in various injection processes.

Our efficient „Automatic Frame Changer system“ (AFC) can be positioned both vertically and horizontally, resulting in minimal changeover times. It is not only possible to work with an endless roll in the vertical direction, but also horizontally between the production heads of the machine.