Active overhead feeder
Up to two active overhead feeders can be fitted per head, allowing two similar materials to be deposited. Each overhead system can accommodate up to 15 kg of material coils.

Pair/Tripple Head Feeder
With a pair head or triple head machine, up to three heads can be used in one work area.

Automatic frame changer (AFC)
All machines can be equipped with automatic frame changer system (AFC) at the factory. This means the frame can open, close and change base material automatically.

Automatic lay-up material cutter
The heads can be equipped with lay-up material cutter, which can cut through difficult to cut materials by pneumatic function.

Wire hit detection
If a wire is hit due to a too high thread tension or an inappropriate pattern, the automatic wire hit detection stops the machine and indicates by a light signal at which head the error occurred.

Yarn tension measuring devices
As an option, electronic yarn tension gauges can be fitted to the heads. These measure the yarn tension during the process and cause the machine to stop if the yarn tension becomes too high or too low.

Jumbo bobbins
FILACON machines all work with the special 60% larger so-called Jumbo hook.

Automatic bobbin thread changer
The automatic bobbin thread changer contains up to four full bobbin threads. When a bobbin thread becomes empty, it and the bobbin threads are put on.

M-axis stitch rotation
By deflecting the M-axis by a maximum of 30° per stitch, the laying material is again moved significantly away from the needle. This significantly reduces the risk of damaging the laid material.