Filacon is a registered trademark of Tajima GmbH.

The beginnings of our company were in the 1960’s as a textile finishing company in the Germans South-West. The first wire laying machine was developed in 1996, followed by the first fiber laying machine in 1998. Flexible hoses can also be laid since 2005. In 2013, we succeeded in integrating electrical components into textiles for the first time.

Today, we maintain sales offices and service centers worldwide from our head office in Winterlingen. In Germany we have two more own show rooms in Hamburg and Düsseldorf. In a lot of  industrial countries we have demo machines available like in: USA, England, France, Spain, Japan,  Canada, Sweden, Singapore, Hungary, Romania and others….

For years, we have been providing excellent customer service with technicians stationed all over the world and a huge stock of spare parts. We also have the capability of spare parts delivery within 48 hours.

Prototypes and Samples:
For prospective and existing customers, we offer prototyping and advise on proper material selection as well as production specific details. Contact us!