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Filacon machines lay out a variety of wires, tubes, fibers etc, to different types of carrier materials. The fiber/wire/tube to be laid out is fed in front of a sewing head and then fixed to the underlying material by needle and thread in a continuous process.

The laid pattern is completely determined by design data prepared for the machine in our special digitizing software. This software program easily translate a simple vector line into specially digitized points for the machine, allowing complete freedom in programming both the direction of the wire and the sequencing of any piece.

The base material onto which the fiber/wire/tube is fixed is during stitching held in a pantograph which moves the material in any x, y directions (as well as their combinations). The base material used can be any of a variety of finishes and textures, all depending on the end application of the laid fiber/wire/tube.

By using our special “changeable frame system” it is possible not only to work in endless roll in vertical direction, but also horizontally between the production-heads of the machine.


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