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The Laying Technology is developed for to enabling innovation. We recognize that the Capability to innovate is one of the most important aspects for any company in today’s highly competitive business climate. Innovation is therefore a top priority for us. Our technology is designed to give our customers technical opportunity for innovation and design of better and improved products than was ever possible. The Laying Technology enables these new products to be manufactured more precisely to a lower cost; using fewer and less expensive materials; consuming less power being produced and consuming less power during usage.

Opportunities for new solutions:
- High performance Fiber Reinforced Composites. See: Tailored Fiber Placement
- Fiber Reinforced Composites with integrated, laid tubes.
- For smart bandages that have integrated tubes for medical drugs or drainage.
- Products with integrated tubes for pneumatics or hydraulic functions.
- Apparel with integrated cooling by circulating cooled liquids or ventilation by using tubes.
- New applications where wires need to be attached onto any material that can be sewn.
Examples: Antennas; Sensor applications; Medical and Therapeutic's; Heating Applications; Interconnection etc.

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